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    Qnoop Socks Amsterdam review

    Qnoop socks I hear you thinking, Qnoop socks? What kind of socks are that? Well, socks with a Qnoop. Or actually a “Knoop”, which is Dutch for button. Socks with a…

  • Jamie's Italian Stureplan Sweden Review Stockholm Restaurant Hotspot www.sofarsosabine.com
    Food Lifestyle

    Jamie’s Italian, Stureplan

    Jamie’s Italian Restaurant I hope you like Italian food, because I will show you Jamie’s Italian Restaurant in Stockholm today. This place belongs to the famous Jamie Oliver. Jamie is such…

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    CHANEL Rouge Coco Stylo review

    CHANEL Rouge Coco Stylo Yes beautiful people, I’m back with a beauty review about the CHANEL Rouge Coco Stylo! This is a lipstick from CHANEL that stands for complete care lip shine.…

  • Riche Review Stockholm Stureplan
    Food Lifestyle

    Riche Stockholm review

    Riche Today I will tell you about my experience with Riche in Stockholm. Riche is a brasserie (restaurant) in Stureplan in Stockholm. They are famous for two things; a bar and…

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    Giveaway Jewelry By Aileen

    Jewelry by Aileen On instagram I came across Jewelry by Aileen; such a lovely and cute instagram page. The page of Aileen and her Jewelry. Aileen send me the necklaces below…

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    Fashion Outfit

    Polette Eyewear review

    Polette Eyewear concept Lovely that you came to read this blog post about Polette Eyewear. The concept of Polette Eyewear is good and simple. They are the only intermediate between the factory…

  • Stockholm by night - Fat girl with glasses - www.sofarsosabine.com grateful

    Stockholm by night

    Stockholm by night It’s a new week and I had a lovely time in Stockholm by night. You have no idea how beautiful the nights can be here. Stockholm’s sunsets are…

  • Hamburg vlog part 2 Uzwei CHANEL www.sofarsosabine.com 3
    Travel Vlogs Vlogs

    Hamburg vlog part 2

    Hamburg Yeah more Hamburg people! Sorry guys, it’s been a while. I have let you wait one extra week to see this part of Hamburg, but maybe it was worth it…

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    Hotspot Koffie en ik

    Hotspot Koffie en ik Welcome back to a new blog post about the hotspot Koffie en ik. It’s been a week of no blog posts at all, and that’s because I…

  • Orange Red Outfit WoodWatch CORE www.sofarsosabine.com Zara H&M Ali Express
    Fashion Outfit

    Orange Red Outfit x WoodWatch

    Orange Red Outfit Promised you in my last post to show you how I combined my WoodWatch Core with a Orange Red Outfit. I had a nice evening in Utrecht (the…