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10 things I am longing for after the delivery | outfit

Do you know that feeling, just waiting and you can’t do anything to make the process go faster? I know that feeling, since I have it almost every day! I am dreaming of our son and 10 things I am longing for after the delivery.

10 things I am longing for after the delivery - Ripe maternity wear - Storm and Marie

10 things I am longing for after the delivery

  1. Get my ‘old’ body back! Or at least loose some weight! Including wearing my normal clothes from before and not having a big baby bump anymore.
  2. Walking, running, moving! I feel like a goose when I’m walking and I would love to move fast again.
  3. Cuddle all day. I have been talking so much about how much I am going to cuddle with our son! I can’t wait to hold him the first moments after the delivery. Kiss him everywhere!
  4. Get my pre pregnancy energy back. I know it will take a while, but eventually, I will feel like the old me after several weeks. I would love to feel energetic and less tired.
  5. Get my night rest again, oh wait, that won’t happen right? haha! No, that’s something I am longing for already now, but broken nights will surely go on right haha! At least this time it’s a sweet little boy that’s waking me up, instead of a big cramp in my belly that we call ‘practicing contractions’.
  6. Not be so hormonal. Hormones make me feel all kinds of things, which is totally normal. I know that while breastfeeding, I will still have a lot of hormones, but hopefully I won’t feel it as much as now.
  7. Not be that warm! It’s about 22 degrees here at the moment and it doesn’t feel like only 22 degrees, it feels like minimum 30 for me. I feel warm all day, all night, it doesn’t matter what I wear. I would love to feel how it is to be cold again. Pretty strange desire right?
  8. Not be that into junkfood all the time. I am so into bad food ever since I’m pregnant. I normally don’t like fastfood, but I can’t pass a Mac Donalds without being tempted. I would love to start craving healthy food again. Hopefully this will change back after the delivery.
  9. Not getting texts if I have delivered yet – like every day. Don’t worry guys, we will inform you when he’s here, I promise we won’t hide him and not tell! Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed with a lot of caring people and I appreciate it. But yes, hearing it for the 5th time again today that “I can let him come out now” isn’t that fun. I KNOW he is fully grown, I know that. Believe me. And yet, I’m 39+6 weeks today, so if he needs some extra time, it’s totally normal. He will decide. Or can you help me to find that button where it says “Give birth now”? 😉
  10. Detoxing and eating everything I want. I can’t wait to start eating healthy, juicing, without dieting of course. I have not been detoxing for 9 months and I won’t do it either when I’m breastfeeding. But at a certain point I will be able to do so again! Eating everything I want without being worried if it will effect the baby, that would be so nice. Can’t wait.

10 things I am longing for after the delivery - Ripe maternity wear - Storm and Marie 10 things I am longing for after the delivery - Ripe maternity wear - Storm and Marie 10 things I am longing for after the delivery - Ripe maternity wear - Storm and Marie 10 things I am longing for after the delivery - Ripe maternity wear - Storm and Marie 10 things I am longing for after the delivery - Ripe maternity wear - Storm and Marie

Can you imagine the 10 things I am longing for after the delivery?

Oh and one more thing! Taking outfit pictures without the bump! But for now, you see the bump at least one more time in an outfit shoot!

Jacket: Storm and Marie
Maternity dress: RIPE
Hair stick: So-Phi
Watch: Olivia Burton
Sandals: Tamaris
Photo’s: my mom


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  • Reply
    nicole orriens
    20 June 2017 at 08:38

    I totally get it! One of the things I longed for was sleeping on my tummy again. And eating without worrying about listeria and scary stuff like that.

    • Reply
      20 June 2017 at 11:05

      Oh yes, sleeping on my tummy! I totally forgot to mention that one! Sooooo longing for that!

  • Reply
    20 June 2017 at 08:44

    Wauw you look gorgeous! The first thing i ate after delivery was carpaccio haha! I have missed that so much!

    • Reply
      20 June 2017 at 11:07

      That’s my favorite starter too!

  • Reply
    mieke | mieksmind
    20 June 2017 at 08:52

    wat zie je er mooi uit! de dress komt zonder het jasje nog beter tot zijn recht maar samen is het ook leuk

  • Reply
    20 June 2017 at 08:52

    Ja alles is zo herkenbaar en normaal als je zwanger bent, maar ineens is hij er en dan zijn jullie ineens met z’n drieën, zo apart, het zal je verbazen en wat zullen jullie trots zijn op jezelf, en wat zul je dat gefriemel in je buik missen en wat een mooie foto’s ?

    • Reply
      20 June 2017 at 11:07

      Dank je mama! Zo fijn dat je me steunt!

  • Reply
    Mariëlle | Me-licious
    20 June 2017 at 09:13

    Wauw je bent echt prachtig! Wat een mooie mama to be. Heel veel succes de aankomende tijd. En voor je het weet kan je al die dingen weer doen, je krijgt er wat moois voor terug <3

  • Reply
    20 June 2017 at 09:25

    You look great, with Bump, but I also can imagine you are looking forward to get your old body back after 8 months.

  • Reply
    20 June 2017 at 09:29

    Heb zelf nog geen kinderen, maar kan wel verstaan dat je sommige dingen niet meer kan of mag. Maar je ziet er echt stralend uit!!!! Ik moest eerst even goed kijken of je wel zwanger was, want met het zwarte kleedje zag ik het niet direct.

    • Reply
      20 June 2017 at 11:06

      Ah wat fijn om te horen dat je het mooi vindt!

  • Reply
    Nathalie - Volgmama
    20 June 2017 at 09:35

    Ah het duurt nu echt niet lang meer. Geniet nog even van die schopjes, straks ga je ze missen. Succes met aftellen.

  • Reply
    20 June 2017 at 09:42

    Ik vond het na de bevalling ook weer zo heerljjk dat ik gewoon weer uit mijn bed kon springen (in plaats van ergonomisch om te rollen en omhoog te kruipen). Vooral die beweeglijkheid en mijn lichaam weer terug in vorm krijgen was fijn!

  • Reply
    Jasmin N
    20 June 2017 at 10:33

    If you’re lucky & he’s a good sleeper you’ll get your night rest back 😀 I’ve been sleeping so much better post partum than I did when I was pregnant 😀 let’s hope he’s a good sleeper! Also, sleeping on your stomach <3

    • Reply
      20 June 2017 at 11:06

      Yes, sleeping on my stomach!!! 😀

      • Reply
        Jasmin N
        21 June 2017 at 19:27

        That was the thing I missed the most while I was pregnant haha! 😀 AND champagne and sparkling wine, oh my goodness.

  • Reply
    20 June 2017 at 10:59

    You look great with that baby bump tho ? I hope you and your baby will be healthy and happy ♡

  • Reply
    20 June 2017 at 11:07

    You look gorgeous! Haha love the McDonalds cravings, I always get them and I’m not even pregnant! Good luck on the big day xx

  • Reply
    20 June 2017 at 13:36

    Leuk om te lezen babe en mooie -hopelijk- laatste foto met bump! Succes met de laatste loodjes!! xx Saranda

  • Reply
    20 June 2017 at 14:48

    YAY for eating anything you want! And I wouldn’t worry about your “old body” – you look stunning just as you are now, you’ll probably look triple stunning after 🙂
    Katja xxx

  • Reply
    20 June 2017 at 18:08

    Wat een prachtige outfit! En een hele begrijpelijke lijst, ookal spreek ik niet uit ervaring ? Dikke kus vanuit Brussel en zet hem op de komende tijd! ?

    • Reply
      21 June 2017 at 12:52

      Dank je wel Mieke, super leuk om contact te blijven houden! xxx

  • Reply
    20 June 2017 at 19:23

    Zulke mooie foto’s! Nog even geduld en voor je het weer kan/mag je dit allemaal weer x

  • Reply
    20 June 2017 at 20:41

    Je ziet er schitterend zwanger uit Sabine! Ook mooie kleding hoor. Ik heb ook je 10 wensen gelezen. Jajaja….
    xxxx papappapapapap

    • Reply
      21 June 2017 at 12:52

      Dank je wel papa!! <3

  • Reply
    20 June 2017 at 22:31

    Time has come now, soon your son will be in your arms and i am pretty sure any concern and any worries will be nothing compared to your happiness. Wish you all the best dear Sabine! Kisses to the little boy!

  • Reply
    21 June 2017 at 00:10

    I totally feel you. You get to a stage where you are just over being pregnant. I’m still longing for my pre baby body nine months later! Haha. And people are so annoying when they constantly ask if you have had baby.

  • Reply
    Phaytea's Pulse
    21 June 2017 at 01:17

    Awww…this is a very honest post….you’ll get the opportunity to do all these really soon…number 9 made me giggle

  • Reply
    21 June 2017 at 08:02

    I’d definitely miss doing all sports, eating and drinking what I wish and sleeping. I cannot operate without well-slept nights, healthy eating and some daily exercise. Sure, you can exercise but doing some sports might not be a good idea with the bump.

  • Reply
    21 June 2017 at 14:41

    You look great with the baby bump but I can totally understand wanting to get your pre-baby body back!

  • Reply
    Deborah Nicholas
    21 June 2017 at 14:45

    You look amazing! I use to hate those ‘is he/she here yet?’ calls and messages – do you think i wouldnt have told you if he/she was?! lol

  • Reply
    21 June 2017 at 15:26

    You are the cutest with your baby belly!!! But I bet it will be nice to fit into your old clothes :). Congratulations!!

  • Reply
    21 June 2017 at 18:01

    You look stunning !! Hope you are both well!

  • Reply
    Jenn arrigo
    21 June 2017 at 19:29

    Girl, I was right there with ya!!! I just had my first baby I April and I can agree with EVERYTHING on your list. So funny! If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask. :). My Instagram is @firstcomesmrs ? Also, I believe it was number 9, yesss. People won’t stop asking if you’re in labor yet. I mean, it’s not like we won’t let everyone know, right? ?

  • Reply
    Bhupendra Singh
    22 June 2017 at 08:26

    This post reminds me of the time when my niece was born. Also, it sounds more like my sister. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Reply
    22 June 2017 at 13:18

    Your blog is relly nice! I’m not even pregnant but love to read about pregnancy stuff. I always find it so fascinating. Good luck with everything!

  • Reply
    24 June 2017 at 16:13

    Believe you, its so hot, for you it feels 2 times more hot. But soon you will have your body again and enjoy family life ♥ Wish you, you feel good dear! And baby come soon and super healthy hero! 🙂

  • Reply
    14 July 2017 at 21:30

    I totally get it! The thing I looked forward the most was eating without needles or thinking before. I had pregnancy diabetics.

  • Reply
    24 July 2017 at 10:36

    To be honest, you’re still looking so good even after delivery! I’m sure you’ll get your body back in no time! Careful with the junk food though! 😀 Take care!

  • Reply
    25 July 2017 at 18:32

    This takes me back! I remember with my first I just wanted him out already! I was way overdue then. I think with all 3 of my kids I most wanted to lose the weight. It’s hard going. 6 years after giving birth to my youngest I’m finally starting to lose the baby weight (and more!)

  • Reply
    11 August 2017 at 02:59

    I think my daughter style is the same as my personality: Lots of variety! but my favorite are your hair style!

  • Leave a Reply