About Sabine

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Sabine is the owner and founder. She is a Dutch Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blogger and Online Influencer. She is engaged to the father of her daughter Féline. Stockholm and Amsterdam are her main cities she spend her time.

She has two poodles, Bobby & Pascha. They are her biggest fans and she is their biggest fan! Her fiancé is Swedish and that’s why they live mostly in Stockholm. She loves to travel and The Netherlands is one of her favorite travel destinations and second home.

She has studied Bachelor of Education, worked shortly as a Primary School Teacher, but has switched career into a Make-up Artist. She has worked for MAC Cosmetics in Dubai (Ras Al Khaimah) and in The Netherlands she has been working for Chanel in Douglas.

Their daughter was born in 2014, but Féline is no longer with us. Their daughter is her biggest blessing and Sabine is very thankful to have had her for four months and therefore she will always be her mommy.

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