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  • sling - why I carry my baby in a sling - calin bleu mommy blogger 1

    Why I carry my baby in a sling

    Many women from all over the world have been carrying their baby’s close to them. For ages. In their arms, on their hips, on their back… When I had the chance…

  • baby Mason is one month - - mommy blogger

    Mason is one month

    The 22nd of July, Mason was already one month! The time is flying so much. It’s unbelievable! Time for an update! One month The most amazing thing about the first month…

  • newborn son Mason 3

    Our prince has arrived

    Our little prince has finally arrived. I have been offline for a while and I’m not really blogging a lot yet, but I wanted to write something small about our little…

  • Come baby come - outfit - Nümp - Ripe maternity wear - Olivia Burton - Tamaris - So-Phi hair sticks
    Fashion Outfit

    Come baby come | outfit

    Come baby come! Everyone is waiting for you! Come baby come Well here we are now, today already 39+1 weeks pregnant. The due date is a couple of days ahead. From…

  • Cowboysbag - bagageonline - diaperbag - luiertas
    Fashion Outfit

    Cowboysbag | Cowboy candy for mommy

    Yeehaa! Are you also in love with the cowboys trend in the festival season? I found the perfect diaper bag from Cowboysbag at and I am showing you today why…