Autumn Time with Prisma Purify Plain Gold

Prisma Purify Plain Gold

Whatttt, is autumn here already? Yes, it’s time for autumn with my timepiece Prisma Purify Plain Gold. My latest watch that I have received, is this beautiful timepiece from the Netherlands. The reasons why I choose the Prisma Purify Plain Gold, will be clear to you after reading this post. As well as I tell you about who I miss most in these darker autumn days.


Prisma Watches

First of all, I love the brand Prisma and the Prisma Purify collection! This Dutch brand that I have been telling you about here before, is a brand with a history as you have been reading in my blogpost before. The quality of these watches is very good. I have been using Prisma watches for a while now and I am still happy with them.

Autumn is here

Oh my, the time is flying and I often forget the date. Thanks to my Prisma Purify watch, I know which date it is, a very functional detail. The days are flying by and here in Stockholm, the days are getting shorter fast. It’s getting darker every day and I love to light some candles. Today my hubby and I have been cooking together, it’s so much more romantic in the dark, right?

“Purify is about balance and a constant drive towards a feeling of freedom and being energized. This watch reminds its wearer of being aware and alive.” – Prisma Watches

Plain Gold

The darkness in Stockholm is easily lightened by candles, just like the Plain Golden details of the Prisma Purify lighten my wrist. I love the warmth of gold and it’s very chic. The watch looks amazing together with my golden Tiffany & Co wedding ring and Cartier engagement ring. It’s a beautiful feeling that those rings will always be on my finger from now on. It’s lovely to be married, but the time is going so fast, in 5 days, we are married for a month already! Before you know it, we are celebrating our first year of marriage (only 11 months to go haha).

Time flies

The time is going so fast, as I remember so well when I became a mom. Our lovely daughter Féline was born more than two years ago. As everyone will be thinking of Christmas and cosy times, I will also remember her funeral in December. How much we would love to just enjoy life to the fullest, it will always be a part of me and something I will write about from time to time on my blog. Seeing the date on my new watch changing, makes me realize how fast everything is going. And how much I would love to have one hour extra with my dearest that I miss so extremely much. Being aware and alive. This watch suits me so well.

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Are there times or moments in your life, that you miss and that you would give all for to have one hour more? And what do you think of my Prisma Purify?

Be aware and alive!


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  • Reply
    4 October 2016 at 08:06

    Het us een prachtig horloge met de datum erop, ik heb ook een horloge met datum en vind dat erg handig.
    Het is mooi dat het bandje zo fijntjes is dat past goed bij een smalle pols zoals jij hebt.
    Mooie foto’s ?

    • Reply
      4 October 2016 at 17:09

      Ja ik ben ook heel blij met de Prisma Purfiy omdat het bandje zo dun is! Handig he die datum. xx

  • Reply
    4 October 2016 at 08:11

    Ja, ik kan me voorstellen dat het gemis van Féline er altijd is maar dat het besef tijdens de herfst altijd nog even extra inzinkt, want hoe anders was jullie herfst twee jaar geleden. Maar Féline zal altijd een deel van jullie blijven en ze mag beretrots zijn op haar ouders! <3 En mooi horloge weer hoor, mooie aanvulling op je collectie 🙂

    • Reply
      4 October 2016 at 17:10

      Dank je wel lieve Christa! <3
      Ja altijd fijn om mijn collectie uit te breiden met zo'n mooi horloge als de Prisma Purfiy! =)

  • Reply
    4 October 2016 at 21:07

    Deze zijn echt zo mooi!
    Ook een prachtige persoonlijke post, Féline blijft een deel van jullie leven en dat is heel mooi.
    X Elien

  • Reply
    7 October 2016 at 10:26

    Let me tell you what I think of the Prisma watch. First, you have to know the person who is wearing it. Is this the sophisticated person you see, one that you have the sense of admiration? Because that is the kind of person this watch is made for. Love how classy it looks, and the colors.

  • Reply
    Thelittlelai: Beyond limits
    7 October 2016 at 11:10

    I can’t go out of my room without wearing a wrist watch, since I am always fond of watching time most of the time. This watch that you’re speaking about is really an interesting one and I wish to have this kind of watch. I’ll be saving money for this, thank you for making your insights about it.

  • Reply
    Sam Coronado (@followyouroad)
    7 October 2016 at 16:09

    I have to say, I really like the nature/watch photography! It really did remind me of autumn. We don’t have autumn in the Philippines. But I completely get the feeling. I wish we did! Plus, really awesome simplistic and naturalistic watch 🙂

  • Reply
    Tina Dey ♡
    7 October 2016 at 18:10

    Dear Sabine,

    I admire the way you’re telling us so openly about Féline ♡♡ ♡

    About the watch I have to say that’s a very pretty one!

    Love the way you made the pictures.


    Tina ♡

  • Reply
    7 October 2016 at 18:15

    Very classy watch! I love that it has the date on it. i always forget the date and having it on your watch makes it so much easier. I have it on my activity tracker as well. The watch looks beautiful. Great pictures!

  • Reply
    7 October 2016 at 19:41

    What a pretty watch! The gold looks stunning and totally blends with autumn’s colors. Love it

  • Reply
    8 October 2016 at 02:49

    Prisma has an eye for detail. It’s looks so subtle and sophisticated at the same time. One thing about watches that I like is the functionalities that it provides. Aside from the time, it’s a food one that this watch gives you the date and a sense of style. 🙂

  • Reply
    8 October 2016 at 05:00

    I just love the classic, simple design of Prisma Purify. Love to wear it! I seldom use wristwatch because I don’t want extra weight in my arm but this piece seems light. Is it? Anyway, great reminder about the importance of time and that “extra hour” that will make a big difference of what has been (if only).

  • Reply
    8 October 2016 at 06:11

    I like the simple, classic design of Prisma Purify. Is it lightweight? I seldom use wristwatch because I don’t want heavy feeling in my arm. But this one looks great. Anyway, I love the way you remind me how important time is…especially that “extra hour” that could have “change” an event or “add” essence to our lives. Great post!

  • Reply
    Maaya Legaspi
    8 October 2016 at 06:28

    Such a classy timepiece! It not only suits autumn but all seasons! The watch also looks girly and will blend every fashion style. 🙂

  • Reply
    Pria Amor
    8 October 2016 at 17:06

    Lovely watch! The design looks so delicate, and sophisticated, feminine yet strong enough to show power.

  • Reply
    Sonja Josipovic
    8 October 2016 at 19:13

    Great post! Amazing pictures!

  • Reply
    8 October 2016 at 19:16

    Sabine, these watches look so stylish! Perfect accessories for any autumn outfit! Checking out their website

  • Reply
    Hey Sharonoox
    9 October 2016 at 00:34

    Great post! This watch looks very trendy and sophisticated.

  • Reply
    9 October 2016 at 06:47

    Prisma watches are so sophisticated! It’s nice to invest on watches like this because it will stand through time and it is perfect on any ootd. I love how you put some personal notes on your review. Happy first monthsary on your married life! 🙂

  • Reply
    Sarah from Lavender Life
    9 October 2016 at 14:20

    I’m sorry to hear about your daughter, but congrats on your anniversary <3
    And I love the watch, it looks so minimal and stylish!

  • Reply
    9 October 2016 at 15:25

    I love the way the watches were presented! I need a new watch soon for my fall wardrobe

  • Reply
    9 October 2016 at 17:05

    I love how dainty this watch is! & congrats on your anniversary!

  • Reply
    9 October 2016 at 21:10

    Lovely watch! So classy and gorgeous and your pictures are amazing!

  • Reply
    10 October 2016 at 02:25

    This watch is simply stunning! Will check it out for sure. Ree Love30

  • Leave a Reply