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  • Watching TV - KPN internet en TV blogger 1

    Watching TV | autumn / winter season

    Hi again, are you watching TV a lot lately? It’s not that I am proud of it, because there are so many other (more social) possibilities than watching TV, but now…

  • Ben Angel's Art -

    Angel’s art – by Ben Angel

    Ben’s back for his third feature! If you missed the previous two, they can be found here (outfit shoot 1) and here (biker outfit). This is just a post to introduce you to…

  • Verhuizen we naar Nederland blogger 3
    Lifestyle Travel

    Verhuizen we naar Nederland?

    Vandaag een Nederlandse post over verhuizen omdat ik dat toch al vaak gedaan heb en daar ervaring mee heb. Morgen hebben we ons huis precies 1 jaar! Het leek me eens leuk…

  • Sim Only | call me maybe | blogger lifestyle phone

    Call me maybe | Sim Only

    ” Hey I just met you And this is crazy But here’s my number So call me maybe It’s hard to look right at you baby But here’s my number So…

  • iPhone 8 in the pocket idealofsweden

    iPhone 8 in the pocket

    I thought I had to share the fact that I have the iPhone 8 in the pocket! Every two year, I buy myself a new phone. I’m an apple addict to…