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  • Voor féline. - 1
    Other Parenting

    Voor Féline

    Lief klein meisje van me, klein vergeten meisje soms. Nee, natuurlijk is mama je niet vergeten en zo velen ook niet! Toch is het leven en ons dagelijks leven niet meer…

  • babynest - södermark design sweden bebis barn blog review

    Babynest | Södermark Design

    Hi guys, today I will tell you all about the perfect babynest that I found from Södermark Design, here in Sweden. But first, I am sorry I was a bit offline,…

  • week 31 pregnancy update 1

    Week 31 | Pregnancy update

    Week 31 already? When you’re reading this it’s week 31+1 already! 31 weeks done and still going on strong without any sign of pre-eclampsia or HELLP Syndrome. I am so happy.…

  • Third trimester pregnancy week 28 - update 1

    Third trimester | Pregnancy

    I would like to give you a pregnancy update about the third trimester. I have been thinking a lot about sharing some info, because I get a lot of questions and…

  • Maternity Photoshoot - gravidfotografering - gravidfotograf Stockholm - - - blogger - pregnant - bump - photo

    Maternity photoshoot Stockholm | Art of You

    CLICK to the left on the photo above, to see more photo’s… I am sharing my maternity photoshoot with you today! I did a shoot with Alina Lea from Art of You! Mache was…