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  • Voor féline. - 1
    Other Parenting

    Voor Féline

    Lief klein meisje van me, klein vergeten meisje soms. Nee, natuurlijk is mama je niet vergeten en zo velen ook niet! Toch is het leven en ons dagelijks leven niet meer…

  • Mason is 8 months

    Mason is 8 months

    This months is probably one of the months that Mason can do so many new tricks at once! But one of his favorite things is still to cuddle and be close…

  • Marie Marcel mommy blogger
    Outfit Parenting

    Raising a gentleman

    Doing my best here to raise a gentleman out of Mason. As they say “Every man that treats his woman as a princess, was raised by a queen”. Ok, that’s a…

  • Mummy tag - - blogger - motherhood

    Mummy Tag

    So, I saw this tag at another bloggers’ page and since I am a mom, I was like; let me do this tag too! Here are 20 questions about me, being…

  • Mason is 7 months - 1

    Mason is seven months

    Last Monday, Mason was already seven months. My goodness where is the time going? It’s really unbelievable! Here an update about month six and seven. Seven months From about 6,5 months,…

  • baby - behind the festive season - blogger loss daughter 1

    Behind the ‘festive’ season…

    Christmas and New Year, the ‘festive’ season.   Behind the beautiful clothes, gifts and smiles this year, there will always be one part missing…   One part of our heart. One…

  • Mason is five months mommy blogger 1

    Mason is five months

    Another month has passed and Mason is five months already. He’s a big boy and he has two proud parents! We are so thankful for him and it’s so great to…

  • Baby bath tub routine Derma 1
    Beauty Parenting

    Baby bathtub routine | Derma

    Our little Mason loves baby swimming, but taking a bath is also something he loves. Today I’ll tell you about Mason’s bathtub routine. We like to take bathtubs together as well.…

  • Parenting

    Mason is four months

    Baby Mason is four months today. Time for an update. Cherishing every moment with him! Mason is four months Pretty strange moment, when he turned four months today. As our firstborn…