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  • Long Distance Relationship - Valentine's Day -

    Long distance relationship

    Ever heard of a long distance relationship? This is how my husband and I started. This was about five years ago. This is a special kind of relationship I must say,…

  • when in amsterdam pixers
    Interior Travel

    When in Amsterdam

    As some of you might know, I am in the Netherlands at the moment. We flew from Stockholm to Amsterdam to meet my family and friends here in Holland. When in…

  • Lifestyle Travel

    Verhuizen we naar Nederland?

    Vandaag een Nederlandse post over verhuizen omdat ik dat toch al vaak gedaan heb en daar ervaring mee heb. Morgen hebben we ons huis precies 1 jaar! Het leek me eens leuk…

  • Copenhagen travel blogger 1

    Copenhagen | My new favorite city

    It was never a secret that I wanted to visit Copenhagen. I think I only asked Mache (the hubby) about 20 times. We once drove through the city and stayed one…

  • Postcard from Copenhagen 1 travel blogger

    Postcard from Copenhagen

    Hi! How was your weekend? We went to Malmö and Copenhagen for a few days. It was our first family holiday in Scandinavia. I’m editing some photo’s that I took and…

  • SOS Family Challenge

    SOS Family Challenge

    As you all know by know, I am 32 weeks pregnant and preparing all for our little baby as much as I can. However there are a lot of children, that…

  • 12 best places in stockholm

    12 best places in Stockholm

    Planning a trip to Stockholm? Well, I’ve teamed up with some travel bloggers and together we have decided to share our 12 best places in Stockholm. My top 3 Eriks Gondolen Vinterviken…