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  • Hotel Turqoise Side Antalya Outfit LEONOR London The golden beach scarf
    Outfit Travel

    Outfit at 5 Star Hotel Turqoise

    Hotel Turqoise Time for a throwback with my outfit at 5 star Hotel Turqoise in Side, Antalya, Turkey. I was wearing a special dress; a white dress that I wore when…

  • Cloudy apparel sunglasses blogger honeymoon Hotel Turqoise
    Fashion Travel

    Cloudy or Sunny honeymoon?

    Welcome sweeties! Sorry for the late post, but hey, I have been preparing a wedding, I haven’t had any summer vacay because of that – no joke – I was so…

  • Trångsundsskogens Naturreservat hotspot Stockholm lansstyrelsen

    When in Stockholm… Trångsundsskogens Naturreservat

    Trångsundsskogens Naturreservat Hello sweethearts, I have to show you Trångsundsskogens Naturreservat! (The nature reserve of Trångsund forest, liberally translated). This is a new hotspot that I found out in Stockholm. This…

  • Travel Vlogs Vlogs

    Hamburg vlog part 2

    Hamburg Yeah more Hamburg people! Sorry guys, it’s been a while. I have let you wait one extra week to see this part of Hamburg, but maybe it was worth it…

  • Travel Vlogs Vlogs

    Summer weekend in Hamburg

    Summer weekend in Hamburg Yeah, we had such a lovely summer weekend in Hamburg with our friends Maikel and his boyfriend! I would really like to thank them for inviting us…

  • Midsommar in Gothenburg Liseberg Lillebybadet Nordstan Göteborg
    Travel Vlogs

    Midsommar in Gothenburg; VLOG 5

    Midsommar in Gothenburg We spent our Midsommar in Gothenburg. ‘Midsommar’ is Swedish for Mid Summer. The Swedish people celebrate the longest and lightest day of the year in Summer. We went…