Long distance relationship

Ever heard of a long distance relationship? This is how my husband and I started. This was about five years ago. This is a special kind of relationship I must say, not everyone is capable of having this, but we found our way through it and the long distance relationship became a happy marriage. How our long distance relationship used to be, is something I tell you about today!

Long Distance Relationship - Valentine's Day - 1

Meeting up

A long distance relationship has a long distance in between two loved ones. For us, this was Stockholm (Sweden) and Utrecht (the Netherlands). Sometimes, I met Mache (my husband) only one time in several weeks. Sometimes I met him three weekends in a row. Usually I took a plan right after work on Friday night and came back on Sunday right in time to start working on Monday again. Sometimes I work six days in a row, just to be off for three days and then working another six days in a row, because I had a bit of an irregular schedule. I worked in the weekends as well sometimes.

Missed the plane in London

One time, I traveled to London to meet up at the University of Cambridge. We met and stayed at a friends place that was studying there. On the way back home to Utrecht, the security at the airport of London, took so much time, that I missed my flight. It was really strange, since I still saw the people walking into the plane from the gate. But they wouldn’t let me into the plane. I had to book the next flight and I had to call my boss to tell her, I wouldn’t make it in time to work that day. I felt horrible, but now I laugh about it!
Long Distance Relationship - Valentine's Day -

Portugal Summer Holiday

We called every day on Skype to talk the day over and to wish each other a happy new day on the way to work for example. After several months of calling on skyping, traveling in all my spare time and missing each other, Mache invited me on a Summer Holiday in Portugal for my birthday. This was our longest trip together. I think it was about two weeks. After this holiday, I cried coming home. I couldn’t do this anymore. I just wanted to be together. Funny anecdote of that holiday is, that Mache actually told me on the beach; “Wow, this is the perfect spot and timing to ask you to marry me, but maybe I shouldn’t do this, since we haven’t even lived together. However, would you please move in with me to Sweden?”.
I made the hard decision to give up my work and leave my family and hometown to move for love. After nine months traveling, he came driving in his Volvo (what else?) to the Netherlands to pick me up. It felt like a prince on a white horse, who came to pick up his bride. It was very romantic.
Long Distance Relationship - Valentine's Day -
 Long Distance Relationship - Valentine's Day -

Best thing about a Long Distance Relationship

Believe me, I am happy that we are living together. However, when I think back on the time that we had a Long Distance Relationship, I have only good memories. The best thing about a Long Distance Relationship is seeing each other again after longing for each other. The first hug on the airport. The smile of Mache when he was picking me up at the airport. The butterflies I felt when the plane was landing in Stockholm, while I was putting on a bit of lipstick to impress him even more ha, ha. All the effort we did for each other! After landing, he often took me out for food or a drink somewhere special in Stockholm. The little surprises. The feelings are stronger, since it’s not possible every day to see each other when you’re in a Long Distance Relationship. Counting down the nights to see each other again after booking the flight and then finally the day is there. I always packed my stuff the night before, I went to work with my hand luggage ready and everyone at work knew “There she goes again”. Everyone was always very happy for me at work and interested in the stories about Stockholm. It was a fun time! It makes me smile when I think back!

Thanks to this Long Distance Relationship, I learned a new language; Swedish. Thanks to the love of my life, I have grown as a person. The Scandinavian culture and the minimalistic lifestyle changed me into a different and happier person. By the way, I found this page about how other bloggers all over the world experienced their LDR. Read more personal stories there!

Would a LDR work for you and do you have any Valentine’s Day plans coming up?

We are probably going to watch a romantic movie while the little one is sleeping, any recommendations?


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  • Reply
    Sofie Katelijne
    12 February 2018 at 17:43

    Heel bijzonder verhaal! Denk dat het inderdaad niet voor iedereen even eenvoudig is maar super om te lezen dat jullie inmiddels een gelukkig getrouwd stel zijn!

    • Reply
      12 February 2018 at 17:49

      Was voor ons soms ook wel lastig, maar we bleven toch doorgaan omdat de liefde te groot was 🙂 En nog steeds is overigens.

  • Reply
    12 February 2018 at 17:51

    Wat bijzonder om dit allemaal te lezen, ik krijg het helemaal warm van binnen! Ik ben echt heel blij dat het zo goed en mooi is afgelopen voor jullie. Zweden lijkt me ook zeker geen verkeerd land om te wonen!

  • Reply
    Leny van der Knaap
    12 February 2018 at 18:51

    Ja ik weet het nog goed hoe dat ging, moeilijk en spannend, maar ja, echte liefde kun je niet tegenhouden dat is wel gebleken ?

  • Reply
    12 February 2018 at 19:23

    Zo fijn dat het goed is afgelopen voor jullie. Geweldig dat zoiets toch in stand blijft. Een vriendin van mij had ook een lange afstandsrelatie maar dat hield geen stand

  • Reply
    12 February 2018 at 22:22

    Ahh wat een romantisch verhaal, leuk om te lezen! Zelf ook een LDR gehad, dus veel klinkt herkenbaar.

  • Reply
    12 February 2018 at 23:43

    Fijn om te lezen. Ikzelf zit nu ook in een lange afstandsrelatie. Hij van duitsland, ik België. Op zich niet heel ver van elkaar dus het lukt nog goed om elkaar in de weekends te zien

  • Reply
    13 February 2018 at 17:08

    Wat gaaf dat je nu Zweeds spreekt en zo romantisch dat jullie steeds naar verschillende steden vlogen om elkaar te kunnen zien <3 Mijn vriend en ik zagen elkaar de eerste 4 jaar van onze relatie alleen in het weekend. Ik woonde in Maastricht en hij in Alkmaar. Ik heb ook een half jaar in Japan gestudeerd terwijl hij in Nederland zat. Onze relatie is super sterk doordat we ons eigen dingen hebben maar ook het samenzijn nu erg waarderen.

  • Reply
    Karoliina Kazi
    14 February 2018 at 15:00

    What a lovely story you two have! We have lived in two different cities due to work a couple of times and I can relate to your feelings of excitement and butterflies.

  • Reply
    Jasmin N
    14 February 2018 at 23:02

    You two have such a wonderful story! We were in a LDR for two years before moved in together – I remember all the butterflies & that exciting feeling when you get to see your loved one.

  • Reply
    15 February 2018 at 01:44

    Awww, I love reading about how other people ended up together. My husband and I were dating for two years (but not living together) before he had to move away to get his PhD. This meant we were in a long distance relationship for quite some time while he finished that degree. And I totally feel the same way as you, while I’m so grateful that we are now together every day (and happily married!), I still feel a little nostalgic for the excitement and anticipation of the long distance days. Anyways, Happy Valentine’s Day from one LDR survivor to another. <3

  • Reply
    15 February 2018 at 06:01

    Awww this was so sweet. I love it because Long distance relationships definitely are work but can be so great. I loved reading about your love story. Congrats on making it work to have a loving relationship. I can’t wait to write about a love like this. Very lovely

  • Reply
    15 February 2018 at 06:10

    I know they say distance makes the heart grow stronger but I’m not sure I could handle a LDR , you and your husband were clearly meant to be 🙂

  • Reply
    15 February 2018 at 06:45

    My husband and I had a similar beginning! We were friends/pen pals for 12 years before we got together. We lived in separate states and I also moved for love. Best decision I’ve ever made (even when other people weren’t sure I was being smart). Lol.

  • Reply
    15 February 2018 at 11:41

    Such a beautiful and romantic story! You are both so lucky that found each other and now you have a wonderful little family! Wish you happiness on your life ahead!

  • Reply
    15 February 2018 at 14:37

    What a wonderful story of love, Sabine! Long term relationships sure can be hard sometimes but you guys really made it work. I can relate to that feeling of finally seeing eachother since I live 50% my time in another city. We’re still seeing every week but it’s still wonderful to see eachother after being separated for 3-5 days. 🙂

  • Reply
    15 February 2018 at 18:27

    I am not a fan of long distance relationship but I am so happy that worked amazingly for you! You guys look so happy together and in love! 🙂

  • Leave a Reply