Mason is 8 months

This months is probably one of the months that Mason can do so many new tricks at once! But one of his favorite things is still to cuddle and be close to me.

Mason is 8 months


He’s crawling fully. Very fast, everywhere and without any problems. He’s also standing with the table, holding one hand to the table. He sits again from crawling and continues into crawling again. Basically, he’s everywhere! There’s no second that I can leave him without my vision. The hard work is begun haha. But it’s so cool that he can explore the world on his own and go everywhere that he would like. We think it’s maybe because the dogs are there and he can crawl after them? Also, that I have been carrying him in the sling made his back muscles strong and that could have been a good thing (I don’t know for sure).


He’s been eating a lot of different vegetables, now he even manage to hold a cucumber and eats pieces from it without any problems. So also the ‘harder’ vegetables are getting something he’s getting used to. From steamed broccoli to a whole tomato (!) in pieces. Or a nicely cooked potato. Everything that we eat and is ok for him according to Stefan Kleintjes, by his book, he eats. I don’t give him cookies, sugar, salt, candy, meat or cow milk (and so on). But a lot of things he can eat. He’s still drinking breastmilk as much as he wants as well. Up to one year, I think it will be good for him to keep the breastmilk his main food and the other foods are extra.
Lately, I’ve read as well, that drinking from a breast even makes the muscles in the mouth of the baby strong and that’s why it’s easier to eat. Next to that, the Rapley methode (giving pieces instead of mashed food) really works for Mason.


Mason keeps on growing, his length was one week ago about 69 cm and his weight almost 8 kg! We are using size 74 but soon he’ll be growing out of this size. According to his own curve, he’s growing in the same way as before. With the length and the weight, he is all a bit under the middle line (average of all children). This is because Mache and I aren’t that tall either.

Every baby grows and takes steps their own way. There’s no need to rush. I like to stimulate Mason, be with him a lot on the floor and play with him. This helps him so much to develop.

Potty training

I got the advice to start the potty training already, because he’s sitting so well, by himself. We can put him on the potty when waking up, or just after eating food. About 50 years ago, children were out of the diapers at the age of 18 months, now because of the good diapers, the children feel dry and they can stay much longer in diapers. There’s no pressure from my side, but I’d like to try this out with him and keep following his rhythm and following his steps. Now that he sits by himself, this is a logical step. We bought a potty chair from Baby Björn, where he can sit on comfortably. This is so much fun actually. I’m pretty excited. Never thought these things of motherhood would make me so excited as I am! A new handbag is way less interesting than a new potty chair to me. That’s pretty strange if you know how much I used to be into fashion (I can still enjoy it) but it’s the way it is!

Proud parents

Both Mache and I keep saying how proud and happy we are that Mason is in our life. We truly miss his bigger sister Féline, but we can enjoy the family times like this as well. Mason gives a lot of joy. It’s tiring sometimes when he’s teething or having a bad sleep in the night. However, following a structure and schedule works great for him. We usually don’t have visitors at night, more likely a brunch or so. We’ve talked with other parents too. They do the same. It’s great to hang out with other moms and dads in the area. It’s great for the social skills of Mason to meet other babies who have about the same age.


Here in Sweden, there’s a ‘pre-school’ place where Mason can play and meet other babies (together with the parents). I go there sometimes with him. He’s been painting with yoghurt (which I didn’t like that much, cause of the smell of the yoghurt), however I got the idea to paint with Oatly ‘havregurt’ (oat-yoghurt). This school recently opened and is super new and fresh and big. It’s so much fun for him to have a huge place where he can crawl endlessly, since at home there are cables and adult stuff as well. I made a playground on the first floor at our house, in the hall. Where we close all the bedrooms and there’s a protection in the stairs, so he can’t fall down. This is very save and good! He got a tunnel now to crawl through and some other ‘bigger toys’. The newborn baby toys are a bit boring now.

Do you know any great activities for a crawling and standing baby?


It’s amazing to see that the dogs are still as interesting as always, but now Mason can also just sit still and look at them without going to them and trying to touch them (and if I don’t pay attention, hurt them sometimes). He knows now that he should be a bit more careful with them and he knows that I keep a close eye on him and won’t let him hurt them. Before, we were always careful about if they would hurt Mason, but we know now that they are really good with Mason. However, I will not leave them all by themselves. You never know, since they are animals. It’s great for Mason to learn how to love animals and treat them right.

Snow snow snow

It’s been snowing A LOT in Stockholm and I must say that the morning walks sometimes get affected by it. However Mason sleeps very good inside his stroller (in laying down position) and he’s sleeping inside the Bugaboo footmuff, which is protecting him against temperature below zero.

Allright, if you have any questions about Mason, let me know in a comment below.

I hope you liked this personal post!

With love,


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  • Reply
    nicole orriens
    27 February 2018 at 10:13

    Heerlijk dat hij zo graag met je knuffelt. Er gaat niets boven de liefde en warmte van zo’n klein babytje. Leuk dat hij steeds zoveel nieuwe dingen kan!

  • Reply
    Leny van der Knaap
    27 February 2018 at 13:16

    Ja hij doet het erg goed, wil de hele dag door nieuwe dingen ontdekken en dat is soms wel eens vermoeiend denk ik, maar jullie doen het prima ?

  • Reply
    27 February 2018 at 19:01

    Zweden… wat een droom. Ik zou er ook echt graag een keer naartoe gaan, voor een vakantie dan. Die kanten staan zeker nog op mijn verlanglijstje, met of zonder sneeuw!

  • Reply
    28 February 2018 at 15:29

    Heerlijk toch, dat knuffelen nog even, geniet er maar van! Ze zijn zó snel groot…

    En Zweden, wat een prachtig land om te wonen!

  • Reply
    28 February 2018 at 15:52

    Ahhhh – mooie tijd toch als ze zo klein zijn!

    Toch ben ik ook blij dat het achter me ligt! Geniet!

  • Reply
    28 February 2018 at 21:48

    Wauw! Hij is snel zeg! Heerlijk om te zien hoe snel ze zich ontwikkelen he? Dat vind ik zo bijzonder!

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