• Duktig Vovve - dog box - review - unboxing www.sofarsosabine.com

    Dog box | unboxing Duktig Vovve

    Today I am opening a whole new kind of box, from Duktig Vovve. This means ‘Good Doggie’ in Swedish. I received the box and I let Bobby and Pascha try it…

  • LOVE yourself - Glossybox Love - beauty unboxing blogger www.sofarsosabine.com 1

    LOVE yourself | Glossybox

    LOVE yourself! Just like that! Without any issues. You’re good enough the way you are. Even without make-up or your hair on point. Just wanted to tell you that. Don’t forget!…

  • people talk behind your back - lifestyle - personal - www.sofarsosabine.com blogger

    People talk behind your back

    People talk behind your back. Thats just a fact. But you know, a lot of people think you don’t know that, just because you don’t pay attention to them. In this…

  • StyleTone box beauty review unboxing www.sofarsosabine.com blogger

    StyleTone | unboxing beauty

    StyleTone box is a box filled with beauty. I was so lucky to receive one with 5 full size products, delivered home. Today I’m opening the box and show you what…

  • Marble Glossybox - beauty post - unboxing - www.sofarsoabine.com

    Marble Glossybox | unboxing

    Ohhhh la la, a marble Glossybox! Maybe you didn’t know this about me yet, but I love marble. I can’t wait to have a marble mansion. Until then, the marble Glossybox…

  • 12 best places in stockholm www.sofarsoabine.com

    12 best places in Stockholm

    Planning a trip to Stockholm? Well, I’ve teamed up with some travel bloggers and together we have decided to share our 12 best places in Stockholm. My top 3 Eriks Gondolen Vinterviken…

  • SoFine recipe - vegetarian food - tofu - www.sofarsosabine.com food blogger 1

    SoFine Recipe | Plant-based food

    For you a SoFine Recipe, because we have the same question every night; what to eat? I received the SoFine foodbox with three recipes and all the ingredients (and more) to…

  • Sudio Regent - Wireless Freedom www.sofarsoabine.com

    Sudio Regent | Wireless Freedom

    Sudio is back on my blog… What is better than a great headset with a good base? A Wireless headset! Yes, that’s exactly what Sudio brought to us: The Sudio Regent.…