• Koh Phangan Stockholm Uppsala www.sofarsosabine.com food blogger 1

    Koh Phangan | One night in Thailand

    One of my dreams is to visit Thailand, one day. This is a big wish for years. Mache and I have talked a lot about visiting this country together with Mason…

  • Long Distance Relationship - Valentine's Day - www.sofarsosabine.com

    Long distance relationship

    Ever heard of a long distance relationship? This is how my husband and I started. This was about five years ago. This is a special kind of relationship I must say,…

  • Marie Marcel www.sofarsosabine.com mommy blogger
    Outfit Parenting

    Raising a gentleman

    Doing my best here to raise a gentleman out of Mason. As they say “Every man that treats his woman as a princess, was raised by a queen”. Ok, that’s a…

  • overstappen of blijven - go green - energie vergelijken - stroom en gas www.sofarsosabine.com

    Overstappen of blijven? Ik help je!

    For English, scroll down Het nieuwe jaar is begonnen en mijn moeder en ik raakte aan de praat over haar energiekosten, nu ik even bij haar logeer met Mason en Mache.…

  • Mummy tag - sofarsosabine.com - blogger - motherhood

    Mummy Tag

    So, I saw this tag at another bloggers’ page and since I am a mom, I was like; let me do this tag too! Here are 20 questions about me, being…

  • Huawei - Ben - my brothers phone - sofarsosabine.com

    My brother’s phone | Huawei

    I am still in the Netherlands, spending time with family here. One of my heroes is my brother Jeffrey. We started talking about his phone…   My brother Jeffrey has the…

  • Mason is 7 months - www.sofarsosabine.com 1

    Mason is seven months

    Last Monday, Mason was already seven months. My goodness where is the time going? It’s really unbelievable! Here an update about month six and seven. Seven months From about 6,5 months,…

  • Christian Faye make up review eyes eyebrow www.sofarsososabine.com influencer 1

    Christian Faye | Dutch make-up review

    Hi everyone! From my villa in Hof van Saksen, Drenthe in the Netherlands I write to you, since we are here for a little holiday with the family. However – le…

  • when in amsterdam www.sofarsosabine.com pixers
    Interior Travel

    When in Amsterdam

    As some of you might know, I am in the Netherlands at the moment. We flew from Stockholm to Amsterdam to meet my family and friends here in Holland. When in…