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    Think pink! | Glossybox

    Think pink! The new Glossybox is here. This time I openend the March box and I’ll show you what was inside. Think pink! A lot of pink stuff. The box was…

  • Maternity dress - Maive and Bo - outfit - Yumi Koninishop.se
    Fashion Outfit

    Maternity dress | outfit

    So lovely that you came to see my new maternity dress here! I am showing you this dress and my new vest which is perfectly matching on top! Take a look…

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    Third trimester | Pregnancy

    I would like to give you a pregnancy update about the third trimester. I have been thinking a lot about sharing some info, because I get a lot of questions and…

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    Hello sweeties, welcome to this Living room inspo post about Nordicprintstore. I take you with me to show you how I upgraded our living room! Nordicprintstore Let me tell you a…

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    Maternity photoshoot Stockholm | Art of You

    CLICK to the left on the photo above, to see more photo’s… I am sharing my maternity photoshoot with you today! I did a shoot with Alina Lea from Art of You! Mache was…

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    StyleTone Box Beauty Review

    Another day, another StyleTone Box beauty review! This time I open the March box for you. Five new – not tested on animals – beauty products! StyleTone Box Beauty Do you…

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    Welcome healthy people, wanna see what’s in The Healthy Box? Have you heard about this food box before? I am opening the box I received and let you have a look!…