• Sudio Regent - Wireless Freedom www.sofarsoabine.com

    Sudio Regent | Wireless Freedom

    Sudio is back on my blog… What is better than a great headset with a good base? A Wireless headset! Yes, that’s exactly what Sudio brought to us: The Sudio Regent.…

  • Suit up - TwentyFour Fashion - Knut Gadd - outfit www.sofarsosabine.com womenswear
    Fashion Outfit

    Suit up | Twenty Four Fashion

    Suit up everyone! Did you know I work in an office? Nothing harder than finding the perfect suit, but not wearing a boring one. I will want to look fashionable right?…

  • Eleni & Chris hair care skin care beauty www.sofarsosabine.com blog review

    Eleni & Chris | Hair and Skin care

    In the Netherlands we say “As long as your hair is nice” (Als je haar maar goed zit…). Translated liberally of course. It’s a saying about our hair and the importance…

  • Phyto Replenish Oil - Dermalogica - Review blogger www.sofarsosabine.com Beauty

    Review | Dermalogica, Phyto Replenish Oil

    People say that when you’re pregnant, you get this healthy glow on your face. The so called “pregnancy glow”. Uhm.., I am sure I am pregnant, but I don’t have this…

  • JORD Woodwatches www.sofarsosabine.com For Him and Her Watch Timepiece
    For Him

    JORD Woodwatch | A gift for my husband

    My husband Mache always helps me out with my blog, so I wanted to give him a JORD Woodwatch to say thanks for that! JORD Woodwatch gave me the opportunity to…

  • Yosmo Tower - How to organize your make up? Blog post Beauty - www.sofarsosabine.com

    How to organize your make-up? | Yosmo

    Do you have a bunch of make-up that you don’t know where to storage it anymore? I have so many little make-up bags full of lipsticks, eyeshadows and you name it.…

  • Kenza glossybox make-up december review www.sofarsosabine.com 1

    Kenza Glossybox | unboxing beauty

    Are you a big fan of Kenza? I know I am. Today I will show you the Kenza Glossybox that I’ve received. A new box full of beauty products! Let me…