Stockholm by night

Stockholm by night

It’s a new week and I had a lovely time in Stockholm by night. You have no idea how beautiful the nights can be here. Stockholm’s sunsets are overwhelming us often with red light, pink clouds, blue clouds and all kinds of mixes. I have seen so many different shades of red, orange and yellow.

Stockholm by night - Fat girl with glasses - grateful

Fat girl with glasses

Yesterday I received a real nice invitation from Nu. Nu is a girl that I have been following a bit online. She is living in Stockholm as well and is also a blogger. She calls herself “Fat Girl With Glasses”, due to that she calls herself fat and wears glasses. Don’t you just love that name? She moved in to her new apartment and gave a housewarming party. I had to go there. It was so much fun to meet her, as well as some of her friends. She is such a warm caring person. I had to tell you about her. So if you became curious, you might want to look her up. Go to FGWG. We have decided to meet up soon again to do something fun together. I hope to show you more of her soon on my blog!

Stockholm by night - Fat girl with glasses - grateful


So this weekend I had a great Sunday night. First this nice housewarming party and afterwards I saw the view of Stockholm by night. It’s so breathtaking in reality when the sky is waving at you with all of it’s colors. I hope you feel the same about the pictures.

Stockholm by night - Fat girl with glasses - grateful Stockholm by night - Fat girl with glasses - grateful Stockholm by night - Fat girl with glasses - grateful Stockholm by night - Fat girl with glasses - grateful

HOTSPOT: This is ‘Stadhuset’ or in English the City Hall. You can get married here in Stockholm. Around ‘Stadshuset’ you will find so many nice places where you can great pictures. At night, the sunsets here are amazing. If you love to take pictures, this is the place to go!

Stockholm by night - Fat girl with glasses - grateful


This weekend I realized how grateful I am. For my future husband. And my family. As well as my friends. Of course for my dogs. Mostly for getting to know Féline and having her for four months (our baby girl). Every time I see the sky getting pink, I feel she’s around and I have to think of her. I told you this often before. Then the time just stops for a moment and I realize that I am alive. I am happy and grateful. We are getting married soon and we look into the future. I’m sure there are so many good times ahead that I will be grateful for. I’m sure there will be hard times. It’s wonderful to realize, that I have very close family and friends that are coming to our wedding, that there are so many that care. It’s wonderful to look forward to this big day and knowing that our life is just starting actually. I’m getting thirty in a year and how grateful I am that I became 29 years already. Life is a gift. I try to stay positive and see the gifts live gives me; beautiful skies for example.

What are the small things in life that gives you energy?

Have a great week! I know I reloaded my battery and I’m ready to kick some ass in Stockholm again!

Lots of love your way…


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  • Reply
    15 August 2016 at 08:23

    Inderdaad het leven is mooi maar je moet het wel willen zien, Stockholm by night is prachtig en wat een geweldige foto’s.

  • Reply
    Maikel |
    15 August 2016 at 08:37

    Stockholm is such a beautyful city❤️ It’s so kind that Nu invited you for her housewarming. She looks fabulous❤️

  • Reply
    15 August 2016 at 09:08

    Wat een prachtige lucht weer gisteren he, wij zagen ‘m ook! Je foto’s zijn mooi gelukt, kan soms lastig zijn met zonsondergangen. Wat gezellig dat je voor de housewarming was uitgenodigd! 🙂 fijne nieuwe week babe! <3

  • Reply
    Carmela Francel
    15 August 2016 at 14:22

    I feel calm just by staring at the photos ?

  • Reply
    15 August 2016 at 14:46

    What a beautiful place! And what beautiful photos. I love sunset photos. I have a ton of them on my phone, haha. But I’ll never get sick of looking at sunset photos 😀

  • Reply
    15 August 2016 at 16:02


    As soon as you mentioned the sky and the wonderful colors of sunset, the first thing that came to mind was Feline. As much as I want to say more about the beautiful photos you posted and also about Nu, I would like to focus on one thing only now.


    As a friend, I am glad that is how you feel. We do not dwell in the past, but we remember. Living life is as much as looking forward to greater things as it is with living today. I can honestly say that at this very moment, I am grateful that you are feeling grateful.

    Keep up with the positivity and may you be more blessed.

  • Reply
    16 August 2016 at 07:38

    Stockholm one of my dream city to live in. The skies are awesome (you’re great at taking phone Sabine!) A good friend of mine lives there and she always tell me that the food is also good and the weather is just right. Thanks for this as we get a glimpse of this city! <3

  • Reply
    16 August 2016 at 11:54

    That’s the thing about sunsets. Every single one of them is unique. The photos look absolutely gorgeous! What camera did you use? And also what did you use to post process them? I’m happy that you’re happy! Keep spreading positivity and stay awesome! 🙂

  • Reply
    Angelie Pangilinan
    16 August 2016 at 14:58

    I just can’t get over how stunning the photos are. Stockholm by night is beyond pretty. The sky is nothing short of amazing.

  • Reply
    16 August 2016 at 19:34

    I love how inspiring and positive this post is. I’m 29 too and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m exactly where I want to be in life. Congratulations for becoming married soon, wishing you all happiness. Stockholm does look beautiful at night. And how nice is to meet other bloggers. Hope I have a chance of doing the same some time.

  • Reply
    Eens Gonzales
    17 August 2016 at 17:52

    Oh my goodness! Since were friends on IG, you surely know I am a consistent fan of your photos. Given that I adore sunset setting now very much (well I used to hate it for a time), this gave me peace! Stay happy and in love 🙂 A night or two in Stockholm is in my bucket list too… So beautiful!

  • Reply
    17 August 2016 at 20:04

    The photos look amazing. I haven’t been to Stockhholm yet. But I’d love to see Stockholm one day. Your pictures look beautiful. It’s great to be able to look around you and be grateful what you have. That beautiful. I’m also 29 haha. I’m very glad with where I am now. Up until now, I’ve done what I wanted too. Nothing postponed. But ofcoure, still so many plans!

  • Reply
    Teresa Dumadag
    19 August 2016 at 02:42

    I love your first photo of the sunset! I love sunsets. They are one of my favorite subjects for my watercolor paintings in the past. My husband went to Stockholm for a business trip a few years ago. I wonder if he got to see this beautiful sunset by the port.

  • Reply
    23 August 2016 at 00:06

    Nothing can be more wonderful that this kind of view….watching the sun set is really one of the most rewarding experience as it offer some kind of unwinding feeling.. You captured the photos really amazing and it made me wanna visit this place someday!

  • Reply
    28 August 2016 at 22:00

    Wow! What a great pictures! In the end of this year, im going to Stockholm! Id love to go right now, when is see this haha.

  • Reply
    elle mystique
    30 August 2016 at 06:58

    The pictures are looooovely! I am a big, super lover of sunset and I just can’t get my eyes off of those pictures, but I have to. haha! Stockholm is such a lovely place too, just by looking at your pictures. I just don’t know if I could get a chance to visit this place one day. But in any case, I hope to meet you and have a cup of coffee while watching the sun setting. ^_^

  • Leave a Reply