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  • Koh Phangan Stockholm Uppsala food blogger 1

    Koh Phangan | One night in Thailand

    One of my dreams is to visit Thailand, one day. This is a big wish for years. Mache and I have talked a lot about visiting this country together with Mason…

  • Chocomania - Hotspot Stockholm - blog review - dream fika
    Food Lifestyle

    Chocomania | Hotspot Stockholm

    Almost weekend and I just have the perfect hotspot for you: Chocomania! Located in Mall of Scandinavia, my favorite mall in Stockholm. I was so lucky to be able to try…

  • hotspot Koffie en ik coffee free wifi Utrecht
    Food Lifestyle

    Hotspot Koffie en ik

    Hotspot Koffie en ik Welcome back to a new blog post about the hotspot Koffie en ik. It’s been a week of no blog posts at all, and that’s because I…

  • Fire shots and Badgalriri blog vlog Rihanna concert dogs bobby
    Interior Lifestyle Vlogs

    Fire shots and Badgalriri

    Fire shots and Badgalriri In my VLOG of this week, I am showing you FIRE SHOTS and Badgalriri. For everyone that doesn’t know who Badgalriri is; it’s Rihanna. The famous singer!…

  • Vassa Eggen Steak House dinner blogger food Stureplan Stockholm review Daniel
    Food Lifestyle

    Vassa Eggen Steak House

    Vassa Eggen Steak House Today I am showing you the amazing dinner I had  at Vassa Eggen Steak House with my friend and blogger Daniel (@livetoeatlovelife). He blogs a lot about food,…

  • Hotspot Wienercafeet Stockholm food

    Hotspot Wienercaféet Stockholm

    I will tell you about the hotspot Wienercaféet (the Wienercafé) in Stockholm today. Since we’re four days off, this is a good place to go to. Also if you would like…

  • Hotspot SLA in Utrecht - - dog - ecological food - RAW - vegan
    Lifestyle Travel

    Hotspot SLA in Utrecht

    Another weekend passed and it’s time for the Hotspot SLA in Utrecht! How was your weekend by the way? Well, if you want to have a great salad for lunch or…

  • Hotspot in Amsterdam Remise47 - Lunch 2
    Lifestyle Travel

    Hotspot in Amsterdam Remise47

    Sunday I was at this Hotspot in Amsterdam Remise47. Kevin was so lucky to have a free lunch for two there! He invited me, thank you for that Kevin! Remise47 Remise47 is…

  • Lifestyle

    Hotspot: Vete-Katten Stockholm

    Hello People, How was your weekend? Look at how my weekend started! I went to this Hotspot “Vete-Katten”. Or actually Konditori Vete-Katten. The Swedish word “Konditori” means “Confectionery”. Literally “Vete-Katten” means…