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  • Dress to impress - Oxygene Fashion - Zara - Louis Vuitton - Smarteyes
    Fashion Outfit

    Dress to impress

    Yes yes, dress to impress! Do you know this feeling that you want to wear a nice dress but you don’t want it too feel uncomfortable. The dress still needs to…

  • Welcome to the Netherlands LouisVuitton Oxygene Victoria Secret Smarteyes TomFord

    Welcome to the Netherlands

    Welcome to the Netherlands guys! My home country. Here we are at Schiphol. The airport in Amsterdam. After some problems with our flight and one day delay, KLM brought us safe…

  • Smarteyes glasses - NonViolence - Fashion Blogger

    New in: Smarteyes Glasses

    Look into my eyes… I have new Smarteyes Glasses. My old ones fell from my head every time I bended over, haha. I went to the store, because those glasses weren’t…