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  • pink clouds - pink dreams - metaphor - inspiration - sunset - Stockholm

    Pink clouds

    Pink clouds are the kind of dreams you expect to happen. For example, the pink clouds you’re on when you’re pregnant. But in real life, your pink clouds can become really…

  • time to relax - - lifestyle - hiking - vinterviken Stockholm

    Time to relax

    Time to relax… It’s almost weekend. I wanted to tell you about how I take my time to relax. What I lately do a lot, since the weather is much better,…

  • Medium Poodle Pascha dog Vinterviken

    Medium Poodle Pascha

    I promised before; I would tell you about my medium poodle Pascha. After Bobby’s post, here is his big brother. Pascha is a white medium poodle and weighs 8 kg. That’s…