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Trip to Holland; VLOG 2

Trip to Holland

I went suddenly on a trip to Holland, because my grandfather wasn’t feeling so well lately. He went to the hospital and being away from him felt not nice. I wanted to see him again, since he’s very old. Next to that, I love seeing my family and friends in the Netherlands regularly. Since I work online, I can keep working during my trip here and still see my grandfather at night.

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T R A V E L essentials ✨ That exciting feeling when you're on the way to your family and home country. (Mine is the Netherlands) and nothing can stop you anymore. ✈️ So excited to meet my grandpa who is been sick but strong 💪🏻 my family with their baby girl that's over in Holland all the way from Qatar! Lovely to see my cousin who is pregnant and I had to miss her baby shower but now we can catch up. I'm hopefully meeting a newborn baby, who is new to our family as well. So much happened since the last time I was in the Netherlands. Of Course I'm going to stay with my mom who I missed so much and my brother who picked me up from Brussels 🙌🏻 He's the best! I hope to meet some friends, but I'm only staying for so short. Can't visit you all 🙁 but I'll be back soon in July! Together with my L ❤️ V E who is my biggest support. I'm going to miss him and my poodles plus the people that I call family in Stockholm. Grateful to have two places in the world to call home. 🏠 Thank you @ryanair for improving your service and rules. You're so much better now! 💕 Living the expat life is not always easy, distance makes the heart grow fonder though. Excited to see something of my hometown and where I grew up? Keep an eye on me on snapchat 👻 (username: snapsabine). I will still work from home every workday too! So lots to do, thankful though to have a job where I can travel and work in the same time 👍🏻 What is your next destination? 📍

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Since the trip was booked one day before, I couldn’t fly direct anymore, since Norwegian Air was fully booked (which happens seldom). KLM was a bit too expensive for my taste. So in the end, I decided to fly with Ryanair. They don’t fly to the Netherlands anymore, so I decided to fly to Brussels. Before we booked, I called my brother Jeffrey. He didn’t mind to pick me up, so we could have a nice road trip together. He’s such a sweetheart. (Follow my brother on instagram @jeffreyzaalberg).

Vlog 2

I am showing my trip to Holland, but first from Stockholm Skavsta to Brussels Charleroi. Afterwards the road trip to the Netherlands. I grew up in Vianen, so I am showing you a bit of that too. I went to the hairdresser, because that’s one of the things I miss so much in Stockholm; my hairdresser. I always go there and I’m trying to find a hairdresser in Stockholm, where I feel home the way I do here. I’ve tried many different hairdressers, but I still appreciate my hairdresser in Vianen the most. We built a relationship for years and they know exactly how I like my hair and I always receive an honest advice. I am showing you my old primary school too. It’s a video with a personal touch.

I am so curious what you think of my trip to Holland and if you like these kind of vlogs, where you get to know my personal life a bit better. Please let me know in a comment below.

Doei doei! (bye bye),


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  • Reply
    10 June 2016 at 19:22

    Het was een leuke verrassing dat je ineens naar Nederland kwam. Het is altijd fijn als je weer bij ons bent. Jij mist ons en wij missen jou ?

  • Reply
    Anna Weiß
    10 June 2016 at 19:41

    You looks cute! I wish to have little trip too 🙂

  • Reply
    Maikel kerseboom
    10 June 2016 at 20:00

    Its so nice to watch your vlogs! You should do more, i love it!!

    Looking forward to see you soon❤️

  • Reply
    Kevin - JustKVN
    11 June 2016 at 11:39

    Hele leuk vlog! Tot snel xx

  • Reply
    12 June 2016 at 18:22


    Good way to start your second VLOG – with what appears to be a good and windy day. On Ryanair, they did not allow handbags before? Whoever even thought of doing that should be fired. The good news, they do now, and LISTEN, they even allow noisy children… well, technically, you were not onboard yet.

    The duty free shop – that is one? It only looks nice because you were there. And nicer even because you wore little make up!

    About the fries. UNHEALTHY! Yes!

    Now Jeffrey seems like a nice guy, isn’t he… except that he doesn’t talk. You should let him. 🙂 I see too that you have traffic! Well, you haven’t been here where I am so you don’t really know what a real traffic is like. I will give you a tip though. One word – HORRENDOUS! And it really is weird! 6 and it looks so bright!

    I like where your mom lives! It looks quiet and peaceful and look, it’s green, green, green everywhere. I wonder how you felt as you passed by the old school you went to. Did good memories come flooding back?

    Sabine, I like this video very much because it is personal. Obviously, I am not much into fashion or beauty and I always like to know more and more about friends. Plus what I see on your side is all new to me. A glimpse into the life and place where I have never experienced before.

    Let’s have more personal videos soon!

  • Reply
    22 June 2016 at 16:01

    Leuk babe! hoop dat het al wat beter gaat met gramps.. fijne week. xx

  • Reply
    Eva Rabinovich
    28 June 2016 at 16:56

    Hope you grandpa will be fine. Thanks for sharing how to make trip bit cheaper, also it is Always inspiring to travel across Belgium and Netherlands by car. Hope you will also find good hairdresser in Stockholm also 😉

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