Why I carry my baby in a sling

Many women from all over the world have been carrying their baby’s close to them. For ages. In their arms, on their hips, on their back… When I had the chance to try a Calin Bleu sling, a woven sling, to carry Mason close to me, I could only get enthusiastic and say yes!

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Calin Bleu

Calin Bleu slings were recommended to me by a good friend of mine, Floor. She’s a midwife and carried her two children in slings as well. I was always interested in carrying our newborn son in a sling, when he would be born, but I never knew where to start. It looked difficult at first and I didn’t know which brand would be good.

Calin Bleu was interested in sending me a woven wrap, so I could try it out and review it on my blog. When I received the package and the sling, it felt a bit rough still. So what I did with the sling was braiding it, just to get the sling softer. I washed it on 30 degrees as well. Floor gave me the advice to sleep on it, in bed, so the material gets softer. I was a bit scared to do so, because what if my water would break in the middle of the night all over the sling?

Close to me

Now that Mason is born, he was one month the 22nd of July, there is nothing better than to carry him! I watched some YouTube video’s about how to carry your newborn baby and Calin Bleu sent me instructions with pictures too. As well as safety instructions too! Carrying your baby is great, but you need to do it in a safe way!

The safety rules according to Calin Bleu can be found here. Shortly, this is important:

Tight (wrap the sling tight enough around your body).
In view (you have to see your baby at all times)
Close enough (the baby’s head should be close enough to kiss).
Keep chin of chest (this in order for the baby to breathe proper).
Supported back (when you press gently on the baby’s back, the baby should not uncurl or become closer to you).
Easy to remember by remembering the first letters; T.I.C.K.S.

What I find really important, is to always support the neck; use one hand or put the head inside the sling for support. This is most important with a newborn baby of course. Later on, the baby can hang more free in the sling.

sling - why I carry my baby in a sling - calin bleu mommy blogger 1


The benefits (according to several studies and to my experience) of carrying a baby close to you are:
1. It’s good for the mental health of the mother and baby.
2. It’s good for the development of the baby’s brain to be close to the mother (or father) as much as possible.
3. The baby feels safe with the mother, since he or she smells the breasts, hears the heartbeat and feels warm and cosy inside the slings, like being in the mothers womb.
4. Mason doesn’t get effected by noise, people, wind, sounds or anything like that when he’s in the sling. However outside, he gets much more effected by it and starts crying much faster.
5. I have my hands free when he’s in the sling, writing this blog, he’s in the sling with me. I can go upstairs, put a wash in the machine, I can fix a breakfast, eat lunch, walk the dogs, walk with him in a shopping mall, I can do whatever I want, without waking him up and having him in my sight at all times.
6. Whenever Mason has cramps in his belly, gas, or is sleepy, I hang him close to me. Most of the times he sleeps within 5 minutes. He loves it and because of his position (head up, bottom down), the gas will go out and because of the warmth of my chest against his tummy, it’s pain relieving for his cramps. Carrying your baby is the best solution for this!
7. It’s much easier to do some groceries or go into the nature carrying him on me, than to bring the stroller. It’s quick, fast and so easy. I just bring a backpack and I’m good to go!

I have been carried by my mom and dad when I was young. My husband has been carried by his mom too. Slings have been existed for long time. It’s natural to have your child close. It’s the best feeling for me. It calms me and it calms Mason.

There are much more benefits, I’m sure, but these are the most important ones to me. I am very satisfied and I would surely recommend everyone to start carrying their newborn. Even dads! There are many slings out there, but if you want a good one, go for Calin Bleu as you can use it long time (up to 15 kg).

Discount: Use the code TAKE20 in the online shop to get -20% discount.

Did you carry your baby in a sling? Were you carried as a child?

I’m going to take a walk now, since he’s still sleeping!



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  • Reply
    28 July 2017 at 08:46

    Echt super zo’n sling, heerlijk dichtbij zijn moeder of vader, het voordeel is dat je inderdaad je handen vrij hebt en toch je kind bij je hebt, dit is echt ideaal, ik heb mijn kindjes ook altijd bij me gedragen, echt ideaal als je bijv naar een dierentuin gaat of naar de markt of iets anders, als ze in de kinderwagen liggen is dat toch lastiger, makkelijker om ze te troosten, ja ideaal ?

  • Reply
    nicole orriens
    28 July 2017 at 08:47

    Yes, I carried all my children in a sling. It was great, and I don’t think life gets much better as a baby when you’re being carried like this.

  • Reply
    Jeffrey Zaalberg
    28 July 2017 at 09:26

    Het ziet er altijd heel comfortabel uit als Mason in zijn sling zit, zo rustig en lekker aan het slapen terwijl jij dan gelijk je handen vrij hebt en bijna alles kunt doen wat je zou willen doen!


  • Reply
    Cassandra Pater-Bosman
    28 July 2017 at 10:50

    Ik heb het ook geprobeerd, het dragen, omdat mijn dochter een enorme huilbaby was (lees 18 uur per dag). Helaas kreeg ik haar daar ook niet rustig mee. Toen ze eenmaal iets ouder was moest ze er ook niets van weten, best wel jammer want had graag gedragen. Zo lekker makkelijk

  • Reply
    28 July 2017 at 20:34

    Ik heb nog geen kinderen maar dit is zeker iets dat ik zou willen proberen als ik ooit moeder mag worden. Het lijkt me heerlijk om m’n kindje zo dicht op me te kunnen dragen. En daarnaast vind ik ‘t er ook nog heel tof uit zien, zo’n doek.

  • Reply
    28 July 2017 at 20:37

    My baby is now 7 months and i never used a sling.

  • Reply
    29 July 2017 at 08:21

    Ahhh deze lijkt mij zo fijn, je hebt je kindje dan heerlijk dichtbij x

  • Reply
    29 July 2017 at 11:18

    I loved carrying my kids close to me! I still do but they are heavy now 😉

  • Reply
    29 July 2017 at 15:30

    ziet er goed uit en heb al heel veel mensen met een sling gezien!

  • Reply
    Mieke | mieksmind
    29 July 2017 at 22:15

    het ziet er niet zo comfortabel uit vind ik altijd maar het lijkt me wel erg handig

  • Reply
    31 July 2017 at 08:27

    Wat fijn dat dit zo goed voor jou werkt! Mijn kinderen wilde allebei niet in zo’n draagzak/doek, dus ik heb het opgegeven, haha. Maar handig is het wel, zeker als je in huis wat dingen wilt doen zoals een broodje smeren (iets waar ik echt niet aan toe kwam!).

  • Reply
    7 August 2017 at 20:51

    So nice post! Amazing Sabine!

  • Reply
    Chantal - Capital Monday
    10 August 2017 at 12:27

    Wat een fijn product zeg! Ik denk dat als ik zelf een new Born zou hebben er ook eentje zou willen. Mooie kleur ook.

  • Reply
    10 August 2017 at 13:45

    So nice to have your newborn so close to you!

  • Reply
    Swayam Tiwari
    13 August 2017 at 18:10

    It is a primitive urge among humans to keep their kids close to the heart, hence this product. I guess this develops a life long bond between the mother and the kid. Mothers also become emotionally stable. This kind of sling is very much used by village moms in India.

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